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Learn how to analingus

Introduction to Analingus- what you should know about analingus

The anus is a very powerful erogenous zone. Although analingus is followed in the past with many taboos, new discoveries in the field of sexuality emphasize only the advantages.

Anus as a powerful erogenous zone

Anus is interwoven with many sensitive nerve endings, which will sometimes take the erotic stimulation one step further. That is the reason why many people, while exploring their own sexual life, often discover that anal sex and anal stimulation provide an entirely new and different sexual experience, which is anything but bad or boring. So, analingus or oral stimulation of anus was considered as sexual deviation or forbidden perversion, and you will very rarely find it in the literature. However, today oral sex is so widely accepted that there are no taboos about it. Of course, Analingus is not as popular as cunnilingus or fellatio, but couples who engage in the detection of anal pleasures undoubtedly already know its benefits.

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When tongue slips from the vagina to the anus

Many couples discovered the joy of Analingus by accident, when their tongue accidentally slipped from the lower vagina to the anus, in the moments of horniness. The space between the vagina and anus is very small. This space between the vagina and anus or testicles and anus, which is called the perineum, is highly sensitive, and the anus is even more sensitive. Couples who practice anal sex perform analingus as foreplay for achieving a high level of excitement and relaxation of the anal sphincter. A man, who loves anal sex, will in most cases have no problem kissing and licking his partner’s anus. Of course, it is recommended that the fingers simultaneously stimulate the clitoris or vagina. That alone could give your partner a very powerful orgasm.

Women are more reserved

Not surprisingly, only oral stimulation of man’s anus can lead to a strong erection. In fact, many men hide a desire that their partner during foreplay, or fellatio, gives a little attention to their anus. This is all nice and dandy, but the difficulty is the very expression of such wishes and fantasies, because many women are very reluctant to give analingus. For them analingus represents something extremely perverse, unthinkable, uncomfortable and unfeasible. Dear ladies, your partner can be strongly aroused without being touched on the penis for a second, if you just sneak around it with your lips and tongue. Like a cat around hot porridge. If you give attention to his testicles at the same time, you’ll accidentally, at least for a moment, touch his ultra sensitive perineum. If you’re brave enough, and you release yourself from all restraints for a moment, lick his anus with your tongue. We are confident that you will be surprised by his deep sigh, which expresses pleasure.

Are you getting interested?

If you are thinking about introducing Analingus to your bedroom, then pay attention to your partner’s wishes and feelings. In fact, for some people these sexual practices are strongly repulsive, so it would be very annoying when you would, in the hottest time of your sexual play, wanted to show your partner something new, and he or she would react with a disgusted look on his face. If your partner wants to discuss about any new sexual acts, you have the opportunity to confide to him or her your wishes and intentions. In the vast majority of cases your partner will gladly agree. However, the situation becomes more complicated if you want that your partner performs Analingus on you. In such cases only one rule applies: If she/he says resolutely not, then you should immediately discontinue any discussion on this topic. Do not force her to do what you want and do not go with your head through the wall. Leave her/him to do so when it pleases and, of course, if she brings enough courage.

Removing hair from the buttocks and showering thoroughly

Do not be surprised if Analingus is preceded by the desire for some preliminary work. The majority of females restraint is caused by the fact that the male buttocks are rather overgrown with hair, and so just the thought of Analingus can be very unpleasant. So, dear men, if the price of oral-anal pleasure is to remove the hair around your anus, do not hesitate. Let her remove them, and thus many reasons for restraints will also be simultaneously removed. Analingus also raises the question of hygiene. So take a thorough shower before Analingus, but also don’t forget about the mouthwash.

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