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Can You Get STDs From Oral Sex

lipsMany teens and even older couples believe that you can only get sexually transmitted diseases from having vaginal intercourse. This is completely untrue. The fact is, STD’s can be transmitted via oral sex. In particular, the person giving oral sex is at a high risk of catching certain STD’s, especially if they aren’t using any protection.

One such STD is called nongonococcal urethritis and it is on the rise. Nongonococcal urethritis, also referred to as NGU, is a type of STD that affects men and women. NGU consists of an infection found in the urethra.

The urethra is a tube that transports the urine from the bladder to be expelled from the body by urination. Infection by chlamydia trachomatis is the most common cause for this STD. However, other viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted during oral sex can also cause it.

NGU is characterized by the presence of pain during urination, burning during urination and urethral discharge, though many people experience no symptoms at all. Since so few know they have NGU, this has contributed greatly to the rapid rise in its spread. Oral sex is linked to NGU in both homosexuals and homosexuals.

HIV is another STD which can be transmitted via oral sex. HIV can be transmitted via vaginal, anal or oral sex. It is most commonly transmitted via vaginal and anal sex, however, the risk of contracting HIV during oral sex is less than with vaginal or oral sex, but it is still a risk. There is little risk of contracting HIV by performing cunnilingus or anilingus.

Risk for contracting HIV is very high however, when ejaculation takes place in the mouth from an HIV positive male. When a person who is HIV positive is receiving oral sex, their semen, blood, vaginal fluid and pre-seminal fluids all can contain the HIV virus. If a person performing oral sex is HIV positive, there is still a chance of transmitting HIV to the receiver through blood that may be in their mouth that is exposed to the lining of the anus, vagina, cervix or the tip of the penis. A person can also be infected through any cuts or sores they might have that are exposed to these sexual fluids.

Other STD’s can also be transmitted through oral sex, including HPV (human papillomavirus), herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea and genital warts. In addition, hepatitis and intestinal parasites can also be transmitted through oral sex.

Tips for Safer Oral Sex

The good news is that there are ways you can protect yourself and lower your risk of being infected by any STD. First and foremost, it is critical to avoid letting your partner ejaculate into your mouth, as this carries the highest risk from oral sex.

You can also use barriers for oral sex, these include condoms, dental dams, latex rubber sheets or you can even use a condom that has been cut open as a barrier between your mouth and your partner’s genitals. Using barrier protection is a great way to lower your risk of contracting an STD during oral sex.

If your partner is already HIV positive, your risk of getting the virus is lowered if they are taking proper antiretroviral therapy for their HIV. This drug therapy lowers the amount of HIV in their blood, sometimes to non-detectable amounts, which substantially lowers the chance of transmission.

If you enjoy oral sex often, it’s important to remember these tips and to always try to practice the safest oral sex possible. While you can always lower your risk of getting an STD, the only 100% effective way to avoid getting an STD is to not have any sex at all.

How to Give The Best Blowjob

Tips for girls – by Susan

If there’s one skill that every man would like a woman to have it is definitely the ability to give a great blowjob. However some women make the mistake of thinking that all the work should be done by the man in the relationship.

BUT… if you want to have a great sex life, you have to remember that “you have to give to get”. That being said every women should pick up the techniques in bed that will give him the greatest amount of sexual pleasure.

So what exactly does it take to give a man great head?
Below is how you should go about giving a man great head which will lead him to have an orgasm that he is not bound to forget anytime soon 😉

Step 1: Find A Comfortable Position
Just like vaginal sex, there are plenty of positions that you can try while giving a BJ to your guy. You can have him lay down in bed, have him standing up or have him sink into a comfortable couch or armchair.

I personally enjoy him on the couch or chair. I like it because I can suck him for a bit then lay my head on his thigh and play with him. Sometimes I even take the chance to stimulate him anally (more on that in a later post). Although it only takes a few minutes of direct stimulation for a man to have an orgasm especially when you’re using your mouth, from this position you can keep him going for a loooong time.

Step 2: Start Slowly Licking Him
First and most importantly when you start giving him head be sure to use your tongue in one long, slow licking motion from the base of his penis all the way up. Do this on as many sides of penis as you can, then when you feel that he’s all worked up, that is the time that you can slowly take the shat into your mouth.

Step 3: Use Your Tongue, Mouth & Fingers
While taking his penis into your mouth, be sure that you don’t ignore the rest of his package. Use your tongue, mouth and fingers to stimulate the rest of his shaft.  Use your fingers to cover the part of the shaft which you cannot take into your mouth. Don’t forget to GENTLY massage his testicles or LIGHTLY pull on the scrotum (just keep in mind how you like your nipples/clit played with).
Show him that you’re really into it by staring into his eyes and watch his reaction.  It’s simple thing like this that lead to a mind-blowing orgasm that he’s not bound to forget anytime soon!

So there you go. Three easy steps to pleasure your man orally. If you want to learn more check out this amazing blowjob guide.

The worst way to receive a blowjob is for a man to actually feel your teeth on him – so keep your lips covered. The best way to prevent accidentally grazing his penis with your teeth is by relaxing your jaw. If you need to, cover your teeth with your lips.