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Little Sex Moves That Will Rock Your World

Little Sex Moves That Will Rock Your WorldSex is meant to be an exhilarating experience.

In fact, it is one of the most pleasurable activities you can ever take part in. However, let’s be honest, when you do the same thing time and time again it does become a little bit boring. However, it doesn’t need to be boring. In this article I am going to give you a couple of little tips that you can use rock your world. Surprise your man or woman with one of these sex moves and their mind will be blown.

There is nothing like a bit of pain mixed with pleasure. Whilst you are making love why not have a sneaky nibble on the ear of your partner? Trust me, they will absolutely love it and will be begging for more! This is probably one of the best tips that I can offer here. Don’t do it too often though, you do still want the pleasure to be at the forefront of their mind.

Why not watch your girl or guy pleasure themselves once in a while? Perhaps do it for one another. This is a fantastic sex move as there is no greater stimulation than not being able to do what you crave ever so badly.

If you are a woman have you ever tried pulling your man up a little whilst in the missionary position? If you do it just right he will be grinding against your clitoris, and we all know where that is going to lead! If you want to find out more about this particular position then do a little bit of research on the coital alignment technique. Do this perfectly and there will not be any other sex position you want to try, trust me.

Tease your partner. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is going in fast and hard on their woman. However you can try mixing it up a little. Control how deep you go, how hard you go and how fast you go. This is a great little trick and if you do it in a random order it will blow the mind of your partner, and yes, it will rock their world.

Did you know that blowing warm air on your partner can add to the pleasure and passion? During sex blow lightly on different parts of your partners body. The best places to aim for are the nipples, neck and wrists. It really does feel great and the first time you do it they will love you, a lot.

If you are a woman then why not try tightening your vagina around his penis as he slides in? The smile that lights up his face will give you thrills. You just know that he is enjoying it.

This is just a small smattering of sex moves that you can use today to blow the mind of your partner. Don’t use them all at once though, keep them coming for a number of months to come!

Sex secret known as the coital alignment technique

Sex secret known as the coital alignment techniqueWant to drive your woman to an intense orgasm every time that you make love? Then reading this article is perhaps one of the best decisions that you have ever made. Let me introduced you to the coital alignment technique.

This sex position, a variant of the popular missionary position is designed to provide deep clitoral stimulation during sex. The best part is, it is very easy to perform. Yes, the missionary is a ‘classic’ position. However once you put the coital alignment technique into practice she wouldn’t want you to do anything else again.

One of the key things to note about the coital alignment technique is that for many women this is the only way that they are going to be able to orgasm during sexual intercourse. Many women do orgasm during intercourse but normally that is down to them stimulating their clitoris with their fingers. If you use this technique there will be no need to do that.

The Coital Alignment Technique was created by a psychotherapist called Edward Eichel in 1988. The first time that the technique appeared in the media was in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Despite being discussed fairly often within this journal it has received very little attention outside of that. Therefore this almost perfect method for driving a woman to orgasm remains a secret to most of the world.

One of the benefits of this technique is that anybody is able to pull it off, no matter how flexible you are or even how old you are. That is because it is a simple variation on the missionary position. In fact, the Coital Alignment Technique was originally designed to be as simple to perform as possible. However, for a male it may take some getting used to as this technique isn’t about ‘thrusting’. Let’s take a little look at how it is performed.

To perform the Coital Alignment Technique you need to get into the missionary position.

Hopefully she will let him know when he is there! Once the couple is in the missionary position the male will gently slide himself up. He should stop when the base of his penis is pushing against the woman’s clitoris. It is worth noting at this point that you will not be able to achieve deep penetration, but that doesn’t matter since the whole point of this position is to provide stimulation for the woman’s clitoris.

The aim here is to not thrust in and out of the woman’s vagina. Instead the couple will rock back and forth whilst retaining pressure on the clitoris. This should arouse the woman quite quickly. When she is close to orgasm you can return to the standard missionary position and thrust as normal. She should orgasm pretty quickly and fairly often the male will do so as well.

As you can see, the coital alignment technique is going to be easy to perform. Remember though, this sex secret may take a while to get working perfectly, but once you do it will rock her world! Why not practice it tonight and give her the best sexual stimulation that she has ever experienced?

Biggest Sex Drive Killers

Sex drive killersBeing in the mood for sex is the foreplay that everybody needs to get intimacy going. However, there are disastrous sex drive killers that could keep couples frustrated for hours, or days even. If you want to relieve the closeness that you and your partner used to have, then you have to strike out the following sex drive killers before you go to bed each night.

1. Stress

Nothing ruins a good mood than a body that is not up for the challenges of sex. Before you step into the bedroom with your partner, be sure to forget about all the problems in your work, your deadlines, and everything else that would keep you worrying than enjoying.

2. Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol creates more harm than good. Always keep that in mind. If you want to drink a little to get both of you in the mood for some intimacy, be sure not to overdo it. A drink or two is enough. Having too much to drink would leave you lifeless instead of full of life.

3. Personal issues

If you have problems, regardless if it happened during the present or in the distant past, you should never talk about it before going to bed. Doing so would not help you at all. Instead, it would put both of you in a very bad mood. All family dramas fall under this category too.

4. No or very little sleep

Being in the mood for sex suggests that your whole body is up to the task. If you are always over-fatigued when you come home from work, how else can you manage intimacy with your partner right after? If you can’t even find your bedroom when you get home because of tiredness and just lie down on the couch to sleep, there’ll be a huge problem with your sex life.

5. Parenting

Parenting is a common reason why couples don’t have sex anymore. Having a child definitely divides the couple’s attention. However, the solution to this is proper time management. There is certainly a way to be a parent and a partner at the same time.

How to Compliment Her In Bed

kissingSex talk is a very effective way to improve the intimacy of couples. Men should find ways to compliment their woman during and after their sweet episode in bed. They always say that flattery won’t take you anywhere – but in bed, you are going to gain a lot benefits flattering a woman – and it will be always more than what you bargained for.

Compliment your partner very lovingly. Be very honest when you do that because senseless praises are easily spotted. Talk to your partner in your most sexy voice and tell her how much you truly love her. That’s the simplest compliment that you can give yet it’s also the most effective. It will definitely get your night going.

Tell your partner that you love every inch of her body. Do this in such a way she’ll feel good about her flaws as well. Women tend to feel conscious when in bed. Therefore, be very careful with your words. If you do it right, you’ll see a big smile in your lady’s face.

Don’t compliment just your partner’s body. You should also tell her how great she is in bed. Tell her that she’s so good at what she does and you always get fulfillment in her arms. Add that you can’t take off your eyes or your hands from her. You simply like all great things about her.
Be sincere in your words and always say something nice at the right time. Make sure that all your compliments are genuine as your eyes are going to reflect it all. A smile and a blush in your lady’s face will indicate that you’ve got her heart covered.

Remember to use eye contact when speaking. Allow yourself to get lost in your partner’s beauty. But more than just words, be sure to show your woman how very well you mean all the things that you’re saying to her.

Best Way to Pleasure a Woman

A woman requires a lot of care and attention in order to feel pleasure. Sadly though, many men are not able to deliver the pleasure that a woman craves ever so much. Why not pay back all the times she has helped you ‘climax’ and bring just a few of the tips below to your bedroom. She will love you more than ever.

Strip down

Many men dive straight in and focus on the clitoris, this is great, and you are on the right path. However, many men actually cause women pain by touching the clitoris directly. If you want to give your woman real pleasure then why not rub the clitoral hood, or perhaps run your tongue or fingers along the outside of the clitoris. It absolutely loves being teased like this, and your woman will love it too!

When your woman is wet enough, or you have a bit of lube handy then you may want to start with the fingering. The trick here is to keep your thumb on the clitoris and a finger inside of her. You want to be rubbing the clitoris slowly and fingering her hard and fast. Although you can mix it up if you want in order to elicit the best response. If you get this right (and it may take a lot of practice) she will be reaching orgasm before you know it.

One tip I have always stuck by is that women are tense from time to time, and thus making them cum is incredibly difficult. You should therefore give her a massage before you begin to pleasure her, this will help loosen her up and make it much easier to push her over the edge.

Woman love their G-Spot being hit, but it is normally only possible during fingering. However, if you enter her doggy style you will be in the best position for hitting the G-Spot during sex. Keep your hands on her hips and each time you thrust forward, pull her towards you. She will be screaming in pleasure before you know it.

Remember, every women is different. Take your time to explore her body with both your mouth and your hands. Find out what she likes and work on that. Whilst the tips above are a fantastic starting point, they are not always going to be the most pleasurable for your girl. Once she lets out a moan, you know that you are onto the jackpot.

Probably the best tip I can offer however is for you to remember it is not a race. The real pleasure for the woman is the journey to the orgasm. Once she is there that is it, it is all over, and whilst pleasurable it isn’t that great. The real pleasure is taking it slowly, doing whatever you can to make her moan, and to make her wet. The trick is knowing the right moment to push her over the edge. If you think it is too soon then slow down.

This is everything you can do to pleasure your woman, but it certainly is a good start. Practice some of these techniques and she will want to be with you all of time. Good Luck Guys!