How to Finger a Girl

finger a girl
Giving a woman an orgasm is one of life’s great mysteries, and if you have ever tried with no success, you might feel like it is impossible to correctly finger a girl. The truth of the matter is that pleasuring a woman can be incredibly easy, as long as you know what you are doing. This is where the problem lies.

Most men just have no clue how or where to touch a woman. But not to fear—armed with knowledge and a little bit of practice you can have your girl trembling with pleasure in a matter of minutes.

How to finger a girl guide

The first and most important thing to consider is comfort. Both you and your partner must be in a comfortable position. Positioning yourself in such a way that will tire your hand and arm or give you cramps will limit your endurance and ability to hit your woman’s sweet spots.

If your partner isn’t comfortable, she definitely will have problems reaching orgasm. The best way to finger a girl is to have her lie flat on her back so that none of her muscles are engaged. As for yourself, you can experiment to find your best position. Try lying next to her on your side or sit in between her legs.

Penetrating a woman’s vagina can be extremely painful for her if she is not properly lubricated. When women get excited, their vaginas produce a natural liquid which lubricates them and makes penetration pleasurable for both you and her.

You can lubricate your fingers by licking them, or having your partner do it for you. Alternatively, you can gently caress her vagina with your hand, kiss her neck, or fondle her breasts.

Like men, women respond to different turn-ons. They key is to be gentle and patient. Never try to stick your fingers in your partner’s vagina if she is not wet. It will be easy to tell when she is ready.

Stimulating the clitoris is the best way to get a woman’s juices flowing. Located at the top of the vaginal opening, the clitoris looks and feels like a little knob and is packed full of nerve endings.

The clitoris is incredibly sensitive, so it is also a good idea to wet your fingers a little bit before going right at it. Once you have your partner wet, you can start to gently work your fingers in and out of her vagina.

It’s best to start with one finger, perhaps moving up to two or three once she is really wet. The number of fingers you use will depend on how tight your woman’s vagina is. If you have trouble getting a certain number of fingers in, you can bet it probably doesn’t feel good for her.

Once you’re able to get your fingers in, work them in an out slowly at first, getting faster as you go. Watch your woman carefully for signs that she is enjoying it. If she moans or her breathing becomes excited, keep up what you are doing.

Remember to stop and gently touch the clitoris every now and then, as this is a woman’s primary erogenous zone. Many women go crazy for certain techniques. With your fingers inside her, slowly curl them toward you as if you were saying “come here”. This stimulates the roof of the woman’s vagina which is incredibly sensitive.

Practicing these techniques and figuring out what your partner likes best will help you become a master of female pleasure. There are dozens of more intricate details on how to finger a girl, and these tips are just a start.

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