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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a Woman Dripping Wet and Craving for Action

When it comes to making a woman horny and dripping wet, a bit of work is involved. Not the back breaking kind, of course, but nothing too easy either.

Unlike male sexual drive that is firmly based on biology, the female sexual drive is closely linked to culture and society. This means it doesn’t follow a direct route, such as from excitement to orgasm, but a gradual build-up.

Female arousal, according to science, is based on a cyclical model that starts with emotional intimacy, followed by sexual stimuli, sexual arousal, arousal & sexual desire, and ends in emotional and physical satisfaction.

Previously, it was believed that the female sexual arousal is based on a linear model. But women are much more complicated than this.

So yes, turning her on and making her dripping wet is not straightforward and easy. But, with the kind of fun, you will experience with the journey, it will not feel like a chore.

How to Make a Girl Dripping Wet

1. Charm and Seduce

Frustrating as it seems for women to not just want to do, do, do it, guys have to understand a simple fact – women tend to overthink sex. So your job is to charm her into feeling comfortable enough to allow you to activate her mind and open herself up for a full-on seduction.

Make her feel good around you. Let her know you respect her. Assure her that you only want to please her and not hurt her in any way.

2. Turn Her On

There are many ways to turn on a woman – cuddling, sending flirtatious messages, and whispering in her ear what you plan to do to her.

People who have yet to reach that level of intimacy, however, needs to start somewhere. Well, why not make her feel hot by telling her exactly how hot you think she is? Time to dig through your chest of compliments and pay her a good one.

Remember to be sincere in your delivery. Nothing is more of a turn-off than empty flattery.

3. Set the Mood

Romancing a woman is all about laying the groundwork for romance and intimacy. Sure, there are times when they can play rough and dirty but, in most cases, they prefer to take it slow and then build up the tempo.

Setting the mood also means identifying signs of whether or not she’s open to dirty talk or if her day was bad enough to kick romance out the door.

With the right effort, you can turn your day around and make her cry for some hot sex. Offer to cook dinner. Give her a massage. Be extra creative in preparing her bath.

4. Touch Her the Right Way

When stimulated correctly, a woman’s erogenous zones would make her dripping wet and beg for more. You just need to know how to touch and handle these areas correctly.

The 7 hot zones are the lips, ears, neck, lower back or buttocks, breasts or nipples, inner thighs, and the clitoris.

The 6 lesser-known hot spots are the inner wrist, inner elbow, behind the knee, scalp, navel, and feet.

There are many ways to stimulate these erogenous zones:

  • Gently stimulating the lips with food
  • Kissing around the lips
  • Whispering close to her ear
  • Gentle lip brushes on the lobe
  • Light, feathery touches or soft kisses on the neck
  • Barely-there touches on the lower back using your fingertips, lips, or tongue
  • Ice cube on and around the nipple
  • Using a multi-intensity wand to provide the inner thighs with erotic electrostimulation
  • Gently touching or teasingly licking her clitoris

Do any of these techniques and your girl will be a quivering wet mass.

5. Be Unpredictable

It is a fact that relationships will reach a plateau. But it will happen sooner if you’re not open to experimenting with other techniques or trying something new when it comes to romance and intimacy.

So surprise your girl once in a while by doing something completely unexpected and unpredictable. Break the routine by coming home in the middle of the day for Netflix and chill. Drag her to a dark corner and make her wet enough and then withdraw.

6. Talk Dirty

Play it right and dirty talk is sure to get your girl horny and wet.

Think she’s shy and conservative for such things? Use a bit more innuendo to get your message across. But if she can handle it, tell it to her straight using a more colorful language.

No word is bad when it comes to dirty talk.

7. Lead Her On

Seducing a woman without actually seducing her is an art form that many men are not familiar with. So if you pull it off successfully, you can be sure that your girl will be dripping wet and ready to rip your clothes off the moment you get within touching distance.

How do you do this exactly?

If you ask her about the color of the underwear she’s wearing, for instance, she’ll think of something sexy as a reply. She’s likely to imagine you doing something with that underwear too.

8. Public Groping

Doing something naughty and forbidden never fail to turn anyone on. In fact, it is the idea of getting caught that makes some women excited and nervous at the same time.

Whisper something naughty in her ear while in public and follow it up with a feel of her butt or a quick lick of her earlobes.

Do this, and that 5-minute bus ride would feel like 5 hours or days.

9. Erotic Massage

Massage is one way to make your girl relax, de-stress, and prepare her for a romantic mood. But don’t just stop at a simple back rub.

Work on those erogenous zones while talking dirty to her.

10. Communicate

Remember cyclical model? Yes, arousing a female is all about knowing what turns her on or off, and using those needs for emotional intimacy to your advantage.

Avoid making assumptions and ask her directly if you are hitting the right notes. Find out what she thinks is sexy and erotic. Ask if there’s something else she wants to try during sex.

A good and open communication is key to an awesome sex life. And just thinking about that mind-blowing sex life will make your girl hot, wet, and ready for you.

If you want to learn how to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm be sure to check the video below: