Best way to give her clitoral orgasms

I have guys asking the question all the time, ‘which is the best way to give her clitoral orgasms?’
Unfortunately there is no one ‘magic way’ to do this, all women act differently to different types of clitoral stimulation and what works for one, will not work for someone else.

When answering the question: the best way to give her clitoral orgasms, my first piece of advice is to understand the clitoris. It is not just a small pea sized organ, it is in fact a very complex organ which is around 3.5” long and extends into the whole pelvic region, connected to the inner parts of the vagina and the fabled ‘g-spot’. This organ is filled with around 8000 nerve fibres and in each woman the pattern of these nerve fibres is different, very much like a finger print which helps to explain the varied response to clitoral stimulation.
Luckily though there are many different techniques which can be deployed to help turn clitoral stimulation into a powerful clitoral orgasm.

Tip 1 – Oral Stimulation
Now this might seem like an obvious tip but there are so many different techniques you can use whilst giving her head. Use the whole length of your tongue to lick over the entire area, use the tip of your tongue to flick over her clitoris, try different speeds and different amounts of pressure and you can gently use your teeth occasionally for extra sensation. Oral stimulation is considered one of the best ways to give her clitoral orgasms by many women.

lubeTip 2 – Lube Up
A little bit of lube will heighten all of the sensations in the clitoris and will help to reduce any friction. Always keep a bottle handy!

Tip 3 – The Squeeze
Although this technique does not involve direct clitoral stimulation, it is a very powerful technique which can produce some amazing results. Take the folds of skin which surround the clitoris and squeeze them together, not too tight but you do want to apply some pressure. Keeping the skin squeezed between your fingers, start to move your fingers up and down and from side to side.

Tip 4 – Feather Touch
Gently does it for this technique. With the side of your finger just toughing the side of the clitoris, gently start to rub your finger up and down in tiny little movements, no more that 2-3mm each way. This is a great way to get her wanting more but don’t give in yet, just keep going with the Feather Touch and it will drive her wild.

trojan vibratorTip 5 – Good Vibrations

Some women just need the power of a vibrator to help them achieve an orgasm.
So the best way to give her clitoral orgasms is to find what is right for her, try out all the different techniques, find out which ones work best, use lots of different techniques and plenty of lube and she will soon be on her way.

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