Best Way to Pleasure a Woman

A woman requires a lot of care and attention in order to feel pleasure. Sadly though, many men are not able to deliver the pleasure that a woman craves ever so much. Why not pay back all the times she has helped you ‘climax’ and bring just a few of the tips below to your bedroom. She will love you more than ever.

Strip down

Many men dive straight in and focus on the clitoris, this is great, and you are on the right path. However, many men actually cause women pain by touching the clitoris directly. If you want to give your woman real pleasure then why not rub the clitoral hood, or perhaps run your tongue or fingers along the outside of the clitoris. It absolutely loves being teased like this, and your woman will love it too!

When your woman is wet enough, or you have a bit of lube handy then you may want to start with the fingering. The trick here is to keep your thumb on the clitoris and a finger inside of her. You want to be rubbing the clitoris slowly and fingering her hard and fast. Although you can mix it up if you want in order to elicit the best response. If you get this right (and it may take a lot of practice) she will be reaching orgasm before you know it.

One tip I have always stuck by is that women are tense from time to time, and thus making them cum is incredibly difficult. You should therefore give her a massage before you begin to pleasure her, this will help loosen her up and make it much easier to push her over the edge.

Woman love their G-Spot being hit, but it is normally only possible during fingering. However, if you enter her doggy style you will be in the best position for hitting the G-Spot during sex. Keep your hands on her hips and each time you thrust forward, pull her towards you. She will be screaming in pleasure before you know it.

Remember, every women is different. Take your time to explore her body with both your mouth and your hands. Find out what she likes and work on that. Whilst the tips above are a fantastic starting point, they are not always going to be the most pleasurable for your girl. Once she lets out a moan, you know that you are onto the jackpot.

Probably the best tip I can offer however is for you to remember it is not a race. The real pleasure for the woman is the journey to the orgasm. Once she is there that is it, it is all over, and whilst pleasurable it isn’t that great. The real pleasure is taking it slowly, doing whatever you can to make her moan, and to make her wet. The trick is knowing the right moment to push her over the edge. If you think it is too soon then slow down.

This is everything you can do to pleasure your woman, but it certainly is a good start. Practice some of these techniques and she will want to be with you all of time. Good Luck Guys!