Biggest Sex Drive Killers

Sex drive killersBeing in the mood for sex is the foreplay that everybody needs to get intimacy going. However, there are disastrous sex drive killers that could keep couples frustrated for hours, or days even. If you want to relieve the closeness that you and your partner used to have, then you have to strike out the following sex drive killers before you go to bed each night.

1. Stress

Nothing ruins a good mood than a body that is not up for the challenges of sex. Before you step into the bedroom with your partner, be sure to forget about all the problems in your work, your deadlines, and everything else that would keep you worrying than enjoying.

2. Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol creates more harm than good. Always keep that in mind. If you want to drink a little to get both of you in the mood for some intimacy, be sure not to overdo it. A drink or two is enough. Having too much to drink would leave you lifeless instead of full of life.

3. Personal issues

If you have problems, regardless if it happened during the present or in the distant past, you should never talk about it before going to bed. Doing so would not help you at all. Instead, it would put both of you in a very bad mood. All family dramas fall under this category too.

4. No or very little sleep

Being in the mood for sex suggests that your whole body is up to the task. If you are always over-fatigued when you come home from work, how else can you manage intimacy with your partner right after? If you can’t even find your bedroom when you get home because of tiredness and just lie down on the couch to sleep, there’ll be a huge problem with your sex life.

5. Parenting

Parenting is a common reason why couples don’t have sex anymore. Having a child definitely divides the couple’s attention. However, the solution to this is proper time management. There is certainly a way to be a parent and a partner at the same time.