How To Tell If She’s Faking It

If you ask most guys they would say “I KNOW what she wants and I always deliver”. They would NEVER even entertain the thought that their wife or girlfriend is faking an orgasm? Why would they? They all think “That only happens in other people’s bedrooms!”

I asked my married and single friends about this and about 80% of men said that their partners have experienced an orgasm during their most recent sexual event but only 60% of women agreed. Unfortunately I have to agree with the ladies. Nothing is more disappointing than feeling great, getting ready to hit and then things die only leading to a faked orgasm. While it sucks for us at least we’re getting away with it and not bruising egos.

So….why do women fake orgasms?

In reality, aside from “Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am”, life gets in the way: stress, depression, anxiety, body image, performance anxiety (women get it too), sleep deprivation, feeling rushed while trying to keep up with your partner all interfere with orgasm. So sometimes women have to fake it.”

How to recognize she’s faking it

While many women can duplicate the characteristics of an orgasm, including the contractions of the vaginal muscles, it’s unlikely she can replicate the intensity and length that normally occurs, especially while needing to increase her breathing, shifting her body etc.

Most women know that if she’s going to fake it, there’s no need even trying to reproduce the real thing, when they can just make some simple noises like they’ve seen in a porno. It’s sad but putting on a small act like this is most likely to fool and please most men into thinking that they are doing everything right . In the end it’s usually the screamers that are most often the fakers.

Let’s face facts, women know that an orgasm doesn’t come out of nowhere. It needs to be cultivated like a good wine with the final moment being the “pop” of the bottle.

How to recognize the real thing

The best way to tell if a woman is faking it is to know how to recognize the real thing. The best way to go about this is take a night and have her get pleasured manually using just the tounge, fingers and some toys. The partner should use these and just watch for signs of arousal that become visible throughout the process of sexual response, particularly during the pre-orgasm phase.

So what are the signs that a woman is close to orgasm? Again, the odds are if he just observes everything will fall into place. All he needs to do is just take a moment to see if:

  • Her breathing is getting more intense and that she is “gasping” for a breath
  • Her body heat and heart rate are increasing
  • All of her muscles are starting to tighten (As she releases the sexual tension in everything from her vagina and sphincter to her arms, legs, neck, face and even her toes will bend and arch forward)

So what to do about it

As with most instances of a woman not getting satisfied it’s important to approach the subject delicately. Both to explain what needs to be done for her to achieve a real orgasm and also to avoid the bruised ego I mentioned before and the sulking that will ultimately occur on his part.

Try to work the info from this article into the conversation or have him read it. It might take a while but this would probably be a good springboard for you both to try and experience new things and definitely lead to an orgasm. Good luck ladies!