How to properly finger a girl

Of the many ways to make a woman orgasm, using your fingers is one of the easiest and can be enjoyable for both parties. As we know hand and finger stimulation of the vulva and clitoris is the most common method of masturbation among women. Unfortunately, not many men know how to pleasure their women by using their fingers. They don’t realize that there is more to it than just sticking your fingers inside her and moving them around. The most common misconception about fingering is that men assume the “in-out” action is most pleasurable.  In fact, the in-out motion of a finger can become more irritating than stimulating. The vaginal lips are pretty sensitive, and repeat friction begins to chafe.

The most pleasant sensation is derived from applying pressure to the vaginal walls, particularly the G-spot. This sexual stimulation is due to the many highly sensitive nerve endings in the G-spot. Using more than one finger may increase pleasure felt in some women as it stimulates the vaginal walls, which may also stimulate the G-spot as pressure increases and the vagina is filled.

Slowly slide your fingers between her lips explore a little bit to find your bearings.  If she gets aroused, you should be able to feel a rough, spongy spot on the roof of her vagina.  Push on it.  You should move your fingers in a “come here” type of motion.  Check your partner’s response to different pressures and adjust to what makes her react.

DO NOT bother moving your fingers in and out to simulate intercourse.  She will most likely be having a very pleasurable just by having her G-spot pressed.  Change the pace of the pressing and note her reaction.  Does she want it fast and hard or slow and easy?  If you can’t tell, ask her. Find a regular motion that she likes and repeat it.

To give her even more pleasure, place your thumb on her clitoris while you press her G-spot. Even just letting it rest there feels good. Don’t be afraid to use both hands. One can be playing with the clitoris while the other wanders to other areas, such as the breasts, lips or stomach.

Don’t have the misconception that it will take the same amount of time every time you play. You may get her there right away, or you might not. Just give her the time to get used to the different sensations. This is actually one of those times when the doing a job quickly is a bad thing.

Making a woman orgasm is every man’s dream. Unfortunately, not every man knows what buttons to touch to give her the ultimate orgasm. Just imagine being so sexually skilled that you can literally have any woman screaming with pleasure and exhausted from a string of continuous orgasms. I hope these tips will help you come closer to that goal. For more tips I suggest you watch this G-spot simulation video.