Little Sex Moves That Will Rock Your World

Little Sex Moves That Will Rock Your WorldSex is meant to be an exhilarating experience.

In fact, it is one of the most pleasurable activities you can ever take part in. However, let’s be honest, when you do the same thing time and time again it does become a little bit boring. However, it doesn’t need to be boring. In this article I am going to give you a couple of little tips that you can use rock your world. Surprise your man or woman with one of these sex moves and their mind will be blown.

There is nothing like a bit of pain mixed with pleasure. Whilst you are making love why not have a sneaky nibble on the ear of your partner? Trust me, they will absolutely love it and will be begging for more! This is probably one of the best tips that I can offer here. Don’t do it too often though, you do still want the pleasure to be at the forefront of their mind.

Why not watch your girl or guy pleasure themselves once in a while? Perhaps do it for one another. This is a fantastic sex move as there is no greater stimulation than not being able to do what you crave ever so badly.

If you are a woman have you ever tried pulling your man up a little whilst in the missionary position? If you do it just right he will be grinding against your clitoris, and we all know where that is going to lead! If you want to find out more about this particular position then do a little bit of research on the coital alignment technique. Do this perfectly and there will not be any other sex position you want to try, trust me.

Tease your partner. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is going in fast and hard on their woman. However you can try mixing it up a little. Control how deep you go, how hard you go and how fast you go. This is a great little trick and if you do it in a random order it will blow the mind of your partner, and yes, it will rock their world.

Did you know that blowing warm air on your partner can add to the pleasure and passion? During sex blow lightly on different parts of your partners body. The best places to aim for are the nipples, neck and wrists. It really does feel great and the first time you do it they will love you, a lot.

If you are a woman then why not try tightening your vagina around his penis as he slides in? The smile that lights up his face will give you thrills. You just know that he is enjoying it.

This is just a small smattering of sex moves that you can use today to blow the mind of your partner. Don’t use them all at once though, keep them coming for a number of months to come!