Top 5 sex games for couples

Sex is very important in a relationship, but after a while it may get boring if you don’t shake things up in your bedroom. There are specific sex games you can play with your partner to spice up your sex life.

#1: Bondage Sex

You don’t have to go hardcore during bondage sex; a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs will do the trick. Blocking a very important sense like sight will excite your partner’s imagination, so use a blindfold and get ready to make your sex mate explode. Being restrained during sex is also very hot, so a pair of handcuffs or even some rope will give you and your partner a new perspective on sex.

#2: Role Playing

This sex game is very popular among couples, and the fact that you pretend to be someone else will encourage you to do things that you probably wouldn’t do out of shyness or shame! The scenarios here are countless: teacher-student, nurse-patient, gardener-house owner, boss-secretary, you name it! Role-playing is a great way to get out of a sex plateau and restart your sex life.

#3: Public Sex

As the name suggests, you perform this type of sex in public. Public sex is almost every woman’s fantasy because it’s kinky and you always run the risk of being caught in the act. Of course, men also enjoy public sex because it’s very hot and passionate! You can have public sex almost everywhere. In a car, in the park, in the toilet, even on a bus or in the supermarket, if you’re brave enough to take the risk!

#4: Take your time

This game consists of everything that has to do with taking your time in the bedroom. You may tease your boyfriend or girlfriend with slow oral sex, massage him/her on the genitals and generally do everything to stimulate your partner except intercourse just to create a hot and heavy atmosphere. This “game” is great to explore each other’s body and maybe have some intense orgasms without even having actual sex!

#5: Mirror

Having sex in front of a mirror is definitely something that will blow your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mind! Being able to look at your partner’s naked body during sex is very kinky and hot. Don’t forget that when you have sex in front of a mirror, you can also enjoy each other’s facial expressions. Of course, you can perform almost every position, but doggy style and girl on top are just magical in front of a big mirror!

Bonus: Threesome

This is something that not every couple is willing to try, and I totally understand that. To be honest, a threesome is a man’s fantasy and it’s more pleasurable for a man as well. So, if your girlfriend is open-minded and wants to let a friend of hers join you in bed, then you’re a lucky guy. Now, going vice versa, here is where it can be more difficult and challenging. After all, only a minority of men would like to share their girlfriend with another man and, even then, the girl might disagree. So, this game is just a bonus and it’s not something that can be performed very often, especially if the couple has a serious relationship!

To sum up, trying something new every once in a while in your bedroom will keep the spark alive in your relationship. You don’t have to be shy or ashamed; playing a sex game with your mate is totally normal, so just enjoy it. Remember that sex is all about having fun and sometimes getting out of your comfort zone will enable you to broaden your sex horizons!

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