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Tips for going down on a girl

Warning Sex do not disturbAs a girl, I’ve had a lot of different guys go down on me, some good and some bad; you never forget either. The ones that are decent, but nothing to write home about are quickly forgotten, but the ones that are bad are forever remembered. It’s the same as being a bad kisser vs a good kisser. We look back and think, ‘Wow that was awful, messy and all over the place.” Bad head is bad head and not worth coming back for. Case in point, I will never forget about the time when I was 20 years old and a guy bit my clit. He bit it. It did not feel good, at all, and I wasn’t into it. My friends and I still laugh about it over drinks. It’s been five and a half years…

So do you want to be the guy who girls are still laughing at a decade later or do you want to be the guy that girls are still bragging and fantasizing about a decade later? I think the answer is obvious. If you went with the latter, like you should have, use some of these tips to ensure that you’re remembered in a positive light rather than a negative one.

Be excited about it.
Are you turned on when a girl looks miserable while giving you head? No, probably not. The same goes for women, we aren’t into it if you aren’t into it. We’ll notice if you act like it’s a chore, like something we should be thankful for or like you don’t really like it and that’s not attractive. I’m not going to be into it or be able to relax and relax is key into getting us off. So be sure to be excited about it, get turned on by it and let us know how much you love to do it (even if you don’t).

Take your time.
A delicious meal should be savored slowly, each taste appreciated and felt completely. Work your way down to her magical box with slow, sensual kisses and caresses. Tease her inner thighs and kiss the labia majora lightly. Make her beg for you to get to it, but once you do, don’t dive in with full force. Work up to it with a wide, flat tongue that consumes of her completely and whatever you do, do not flick your tongue uncontrollably. Most girls aren’t into getting jack hammered during sex, so it’s easy to assume that most women don’t like frantic flicking with the tip of your tongue. Keep it to broad, deep strokes.

Use your hands.
After you’ve gotten her going, kick it up a notch by introducing a finger or two inside of her. Aim your fingers upward inside of her and make a come hither motion. If you go in about three inches, you should feel a rough patch, that’s her g-spot. Make sure to to sweep across it with your fingers. If you find that this motion hurts your wrists or that your fingers get tired, you can always use a g-spot vibrator from Adam & Eve. These toys are great for targeting her g-spot and guaranteed to show her a good time.

Make sure she’s relaxed.
Women can’t orgasm if they are tensing up all of their muscles. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t even notice when they are doing it, so ensure they are relaxed by working them up slowly and keeping them comfortable. If they are habitually tense, sweetly tell them to relax and help keep their legs open.

It’s also important to keep in mind that women don’t always want to be eaten out. Some days just aren’t days we want you down there and that’s just how it is. Do not take it personally if that happens from time to time. Don’t pressure her into letting you do it either. When she’s ready, she’ll let you know in one way or another. Keep practicing and use the other instruction guides in this blog as your guide. The fact that you want to learn more is a good sign and will surely be appreciated by any woman you go down on.