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How to eat a girl out


Source: http://www.meh.ro/2010/09/26/ice-cream-lick/

Wondering how to eat a girl out? Read this article carefully, we encourage you to master the art of oral sex, your girlfriend will be thankful.

First step – Arouse her

Arousal is important during sexual intercourse and also when you want to eat a girl out. Arousal comes from expectancy, and it’s easiest to anticipate if we know something new and special is coming our way.

That is why it’s a good thing to be unpredictable and add something new each time when caressing her body with your kisses.

Since we’re talking about how to eat a girl out, you will have to spread her legs to make your way to reach the treasure between. But if you do everything right and push the right buttons then she’ll spread them herself and almost beg you to start.

The aim of foreplay is to light up her desire for touch, so her labia open and her clitoris appear in the light of day. You can caress the inside of her thighs, play with her pubic hair (if she has any), lick the labia majora, come across the clitoral area with just a warm breath and continue caressing everything else.
Moisten the tip of the tongue each time before you touch anything. Also, the fingers should also be wet; you can use some lubricant or saliva. If her juices begin to flow, it is time for the next step.

Deep moans

Our goal is to reach deep moans, when you start eating her out and when your tongue is first moved across the surface of the clitoris. It is a delicate operation as the fingers and tongue join together. Now she is ready for you to dwell among the thick and meaty large outer labia and gentle soft interior. Surround the vagina by her circle, and check if she opened up while entering. Tickle her a bit and then go directly towards clitoris which should come out from its protective cover.

But just before touching it accidentally turn next to him, to suck up a labia, bite her thigh and before she manages to scream, put your tongue on the beginning of her clitoris. Now she’ll expect moment of pleasure, so gently insert two fingers into her vagina (but only if she’s used to this and if you previously concluded with your tongue that she’s ready). Circle the clitoris with your tongue and press it down on the upper part where it’s still covered.

Then again wonder to the meaty areas of her wonderful vagina, while continuously pushing your fingers. Now quickly pull out your fingers and leave only the fingertips. Put your other hand on the lower part of her belly, just on the beginning of her genitals and slightly pull her skin upwards, towards her belly. That will slightly stretch the clitoris and increase the pleasure later on.

While your fingers wait in front of her vagina, she is tensed, wait just enough that she realizes something big is about to happen and then hold her clit with your lips and make vacuum.
Hold the vacuum and put your finger all the way inside her. Now is the time to powerfully yet softly lick her clitoris for the first time with your whole tongue.
Deep sounds of relief should reward your act.

You’re not yet finished eating her out. You have to close the deal. Hold the vacuum and skin stretching, be slow and gentle with your fingers and caress her lower abdomen like you want to join your fingers and your tongue.

If you know that your girlfriend doesn’t like direct clitoral stimulation, gently encircle it with your tongue.

Adjust your rhythm to the movement of her body and her breathing.

If you notice her legs are slightly shaking that’s the signs you’re doing it right. Increase the vacuum and intensity and sooner or later she could reach wild orgasm.

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Why you shouldn’t learn cunnilingus from porn movies

If you think that porn actors do perfect cunnilingus, you’re nastly mistaken. Read this article to find out why is that so and learn how to do it the right way.

So in which way pornography leads you to the wrong path? Pornography promotes a distorted way of cunnilingus: the flicking tongue. You should know that flicking the tongue on a clitoris right away will in most cases decrease your chances of satisfying a woman sexually. The thing is that some women like licking their clitoris with the tip of your tongue but only after they are feeling horny and ready for that.
It would be better if you would just put your warm lips down there. Then lick it for a bit, and later continue with just your lips.
Try it in such a way that you get close to the clitoris by first licking the inner thigh, then continue toward the pubic bone and gently press it.

Consequences of uncontrollable tongue flicking

If you’re going to flick the tongue, it’s very probable that:

  • You tongue will dry up
  • Even worse, her vagina will dry up
  • With a dry tongue you’ll uncomfortably move the foreskin around clitoris

All in all, it is important that you eat her out the same way you expect her to make fellatio on you:
– Juicy, intensely and without excessive sudden movements.
There is plenty of misinformation from different sources, which promote flicking your tongue. I even ran into an article from one of the most popular men’s magazine, in which they write how a man must flick his tongue on clitoris, and how he shouldn’t touch her labia with his lips. That’s wrong! Women are usually disappointed with the random tongue flicking.

They write in the above mentioned article how you shouldn’t press your lips on her clitoris, because you’ll deaden the tissues. In reality it’s just the opposite. The fact is that clitoris likes an isolated touch (with a tongue), but the whole area enjoys a mild and gentle sucking and pressure.

Is it so hard to ask?

It’s very important to know what suits your partner and do not be afraid to ask whether she enjoys what you’re doing and whether you’re on the right track. You should keep in mind that even she doesn’t know everything about her body. That’s why it’s perfectly normal if you help her in her research.

Unfortunately, we usually take directions from others, rather than to serve the best possible strategy and just ask what she wants. It sounds very simple, but often very difficult to implement.

Biggest mistake – both men and women make – is a belief that there is nothing new to learn about sex, since we already know everything. However, sexuality is a living creation, which everyone understands and feels in a different way and it is ever changing, depending on the time and circumstances. If you really want to master the situation, then you need to know how to adapt, to listen, observe, understand and respect.

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