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How to Find a G-Spot

How to find a g spot is a question that every man will ask themselves at some point in life and to be truthfully honest if you think you have already mastered this without any advice, you may just be a natural woman pleaser. The easiest way to describe the g spot is when you think of the phrase “Pressing the right buttons”. When it comes down to a female’s button, let’s just say the g spot is the one that you definitely should touch.

What you should first know before you try to find it is that the g spot is generally located about an inch inside the vagina on the upper wall. As each and every one of us is unique this can be slightly different, any actual position can be completely different when dealing with two different females.

To start finding the g spot you are going to have to arouse your woman to the point where she is ready for your fingers to go inside the vagina. Typically finding the g spot is easier with the fingers however there are certain intercourse positions which give you a better chance of hitting it through sexual penetration. As the g spot is on the upper wall you must have your fingers curled towards you.

As there is no exact location of the g spot, to find it you are going to have to explore inside the woman. Whilst doing this you should be very gentle, as you do not want to scratch or hurt your loved one in anyway. Rub around the upper wall gently.

If you start to feeling something small that is slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue it is likely that you have found the G spot. Believe it or not is actually only around the size of a quarter; however if you have successful found it then you should be able to tell through the increased arousal of your female partner.

Remember how to find a g spot is different when approaching different woman. Every g spot will be located in a slightly different place and it may be the case that you cannot find it at all. The trick is to keep the female aroused and be gentle whilst you try to hit the sweet spot that is, the g spot.

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