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How to eat a girl out


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Wondering how to eat a girl out? Read this article carefully, we encourage you to master the art of oral sex, your girlfriend will be thankful.

First step – Arouse her

Arousal is important during sexual intercourse and also when you want to eat a girl out. Arousal comes from expectancy, and it’s easiest to anticipate if we know something new and special is coming our way.

That is why it’s a good thing to be unpredictable and add something new each time when caressing her body with your kisses.

Since we’re talking about how to eat a girl out, you will have to spread her legs to make your way to reach the treasure between. But if you do everything right and push the right buttons then she’ll spread them herself and almost beg you to start.

The aim of foreplay is to light up her desire for touch, so her labia open and her clitoris appear in the light of day. You can caress the inside of her thighs, play with her pubic hair (if she has any), lick the labia majora, come across the clitoral area with just a warm breath and continue caressing everything else.
Moisten the tip of the tongue each time before you touch anything. Also, the fingers should also be wet; you can use some lubricant or saliva. If her juices begin to flow, it is time for the next step.

Deep moans

Our goal is to reach deep moans, when you start eating her out and when your tongue is first moved across the surface of the clitoris. It is a delicate operation as the fingers and tongue join together. Now she is ready for you to dwell among the thick and meaty large outer labia and gentle soft interior. Surround the vagina by her circle, and check if she opened up while entering. Tickle her a bit and then go directly towards clitoris which should come out from its protective cover.

But just before touching it accidentally turn next to him, to suck up a labia, bite her thigh and before she manages to scream, put your tongue on the beginning of her clitoris. Now she’ll expect moment of pleasure, so gently insert two fingers into her vagina (but only if she’s used to this and if you previously concluded with your tongue that she’s ready). Circle the clitoris with your tongue and press it down on the upper part where it’s still covered.

Then again wonder to the meaty areas of her wonderful vagina, while continuously pushing your fingers. Now quickly pull out your fingers and leave only the fingertips. Put your other hand on the lower part of her belly, just on the beginning of her genitals and slightly pull her skin upwards, towards her belly. That will slightly stretch the clitoris and increase the pleasure later on.

While your fingers wait in front of her vagina, she is tensed, wait just enough that she realizes something big is about to happen and then hold her clit with your lips and make vacuum.
Hold the vacuum and put your finger all the way inside her. Now is the time to powerfully yet softly lick her clitoris for the first time with your whole tongue.
Deep sounds of relief should reward your act.

You’re not yet finished eating her out. You have to close the deal. Hold the vacuum and skin stretching, be slow and gentle with your fingers and caress her lower abdomen like you want to join your fingers and your tongue.

If you know that your girlfriend doesn’t like direct clitoral stimulation, gently encircle it with your tongue.

Adjust your rhythm to the movement of her body and her breathing.

If you notice her legs are slightly shaking that’s the signs you’re doing it right. Increase the vacuum and intensity and sooner or later she could reach wild orgasm.

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Cunnilingus tips from women

Oral sex is an art. It’s only good if you know how to do it properly. Otherwise it wont be remembered. And your partner wont cum. So to satisfy a girl orally it’s more than just a few random licks. How many men know how to do it? I was interested in finding that out, so I searched for some experiences and cunnilingus tips coming directly from women.

Read them below, you may be surprised what girls have to say about cunnilingus. Take notes about their cunnilingus tips.

Jenny (25): “I have to admit that my statistics are devastating. Only two of my partners knew how it works and how to please a woman. The rest were pretty lost. They didn’t know what works and how to satisfy me. And not all men are patient. A lot of them do it shortly, probably just as a part of their routine, or whatever. But it takes longer than just one minute for a women to reach orgasm from oral stimulation.”

In average it takes women about 20 minutes to reach orgasm. Of course this may not always be so, often it goes a lot faster, and sometimes even slower. But in any case, oral sex is not satisfying if it lasts really short. To be very successful it is necessary to first set aside some time for it.

M. (27) “It really depends how much time it takes for me to reach climax. Sometimes, when I’m really horny it only takes a few minutes. And sometimes I really need more. But only a few licks will never work

Magie (25) “For me, each partner was good when it comes to oral sex. I had mostly great experiences. But I know by talking to my friends that’s rarely the case. There are a lot of those who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. ”

Start gently. In the beginning, do not do anything rough. After some time the focus should be on the clitoris, but do not forget the rest. Although we’re talking about oral sex, keep in mind that the fingers are a very powerful weapon. Most of the women love the combination of the lips, tongue and fingers. While licking the clit, play with your fingers. You can even take a break and only stimulate her with fingers. Vary the pace. Slow and sensual with long strokes. A little rougher with your fingers.

Follow her reaction – sighs and moves of her body have a lot to tell. As more women began to twitch and writhe you’re on the right track.

Angie (29) “When I’m close I start to squirm. Especially when I’m cumming I can’t control myself. I’m twisting and jerking around, my body is contorting. And that’s it. ”

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